female fat loss

Welcome to Victoryplate's Female Fat Loss, my tested and proven program aimed at women and their specific fat loss and weight loss issues! Let’s get the facts straight. It is harder for women to lose fat and get in shape than for their male counterparts, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is quite simply naive as to the facts of women and weight loss, or trying to sell you some neat looking fat loss gimmick that will lighten your wallet and not the scales.


Women lack the muscle mass and key hormonal output of men, two crucial factors that are essential to dropping body fat, and keeping it off for good. Here at Victoryplates I have worked with numerous women in preparation for everything from Sports Illustrated photo shoots to beach holidays and weddings, and I know what works, the “secrets” to maximising female fat loss, and the right ways to help you help yourself (dedication, discipline, and correctly channelled impatience!).

I have developed a unique 6 months nutritional, supplementation and workout programme exclusively for women that I promise will produce startling results for you! Promises are easy to make it is true, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow my advice to the letter then life changing fat loss results can potentially be yours. 

 My female fat loss protocols are based both on scientifically proven research into the stimulus of fat burning hormones and years of real world experience working to help women look and feel their absolute best. The Fat Loss For Female program can be so effective that it can be tailored to the goals of every woman, be it dropping post pregnancy weight that just refuses to shift, or to budge that last few pounds to look good in a little dress 


Some of the specific female issues that I recognize and address in my Female Fat Loss program include:

Metabolic Rejuvenation

Far too many women have spent endless hours jogging, pounding away on cross trainers, and slaving on spinning bikes whilst simultaneously starving themselves on portions of food that wouldn’t satisfy a sparrow! The end result is a shut down in key fat burning hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, potential damage to the thyroid gland and thyroid output, and metabolic catastrophe. I have seen countless women come to me after achieving short term weight loss success with fad liquid diets and excessive cardio only to have the worst possible weight gain rebound when normal life inevitably resumes. My goal in these cases is to ensure metabolic rejuvenation so that you can function as a lean, healthy and vibrant human being, have decent energy levels, and not be frightened of eating the odd bit of “bad food”! Life is for living after all, and the key in this case is learn to eat, exercise, and live in the right way so that your body becomes a fat burning machine. Putting yourself in the position that in order to lose weight, or even worse maintain your existing weight, you need to subsist on the barest minimum of calories runs counter to everything that I stand for and everything that I do when dealing with female fat loss.

Eradicating the Mythology of Female Fat Loss

Here is an example of bad habits and myths I have to contend with on a regular basis – jump on the treadmill, eat low fat foods, 5 servings of fruit per day, oats for breakfast and a banana at 11am, take fat burning supplements, that are not quite as dangerous as scaremongers would have you believe, but are certainly not the optimal choice for fast, safe and effective fat loss – especially for women. All too common but wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Unfortunately a whole mythology has sprung up around women’s fat loss that if they do anything at all like men then they will somehow become manly. One magazine has actually written that protein is only important for men and has no real relevance to the diet of a female. Here is a reality check, although there are certainly different angles that need taking for male and female fat loss, men are not really from Mars and women are not really from Venus. We are the same species and certain rules cross over. i will teach you those rules, along with the tricks and twists that give extra relevance to female fat loss requirements.


Liver Detoxification

This can be a very complicated subject, but it is one of the reasons why I have found that fat loss for women can be harder than for their male counterparts. Very simplistically, it is the liver that detoxifies the scores of foreign estrogens that flood our bodies in today’s polluted world. Too much estrogen, from any source, tends to impair the function of the liver and bring fat loss to a grinding halt (if it ever started in the first place). In certain cases, gentle and gradual liver detoxification utilising a range of modalities is called for. The end result being that once the liver is properly detoxified estrogenic fat issues are minimised and the right sort of weight loss can happen much more quickly and easily.

Premenstrual Issues

Whether its water retention, irritability, sugar cravings or heaven help you all three at once, premenstrual problems can easily derail your fat loss goals. I address these issues head on and have numerous nutritional and supplementation protocols to help alleviate PMS and keep you on track to achieve the body of your dreams.

Cardio Bunnies Beware!

Ask yourself this one question – how many women do you know who consistently go to the gym, spend all their time on recumbent bikes and elliptical machines, and don’t ever seem to drop an ounce of weight? The chances are that nearly all your female friends who attend the gym fall into this category. Now I am not going to tell you that all cardio is evil, the human body is far too complicated to ever take crazily dogmatic points of view, but I do show my female clients the correct way to use their time in the gym for real and tangible results.
Resistance training is the way forward for most. Sports performance and conditioning science has developed an unprecedented rate since the early 1990s and the latest fat loss research, which my program For Female Fat Loss is based on, means that you lose more fat more rapidly than ever before whilst improving the overall “tone” and shape of your body.


Hormonal Modulation & Female Problem Areas

(thighs, hips, buttocks, and arms)

On need basis I assess the hormonal condition of the female trainees through lab tests and hence I get a  map of your hormones that I use as the basis for a number of highly specific nutritional and supplementation protocols. It is the fastest diagnostic tool for fat loss as it allows me to be very precise in prescribing solutions for each individual’s unique biochemistry. If it sounds a little like voodoo to you, then think as to why you store fat in different places from your other female friends, and then think on why only highly unfortunate men store fat in any way that is similar to any woman you know. This is not some random act of God, rather it is due to hormonal differences, and once these so-called differences have been identified then we can start to address them using modern science.


What I Expect From You

I am  very proud of my program's reputation, and I will do nothing to compromise my reputation as a fat loss expert. Unlike most personal trainers who will take on any client, no matter how wavering their commitment, I am very particular about who I take on as a client. To this extent there are certain conditions that I demand each client agrees to before embarking on the Six month Fat Burning program.

Make the time to train with me at least three times a week. I am willing to work at any time of the day, and will even open the gym at 4 am if you ask me very nicely! There are always legitimate reasons not to exercise, but I will not accept that you can’t find the time for a Six month period that is a tiny amount of time in the grand scheme of your life.
Give up alcohol, wheat and processed foods.
Accept that you must follow the 90/10 rule. 90% of what you do from exercise to food intake must be EXACTLY as I tell you. The other 10% I leave to your conscience.
Give 100% effort throughout the program and maintain a positive approach at all times. Burning fat isn’t always a walk in the park, but if you embrace it wholeheartedly you will have an enjoyable, energizing, and wholly rewarding experience.

These are the things that I expect of you. If they sound too challenging, then I am sorry but Victoryplates isn’t for you.


What Can You Expect on the Female Fat Loss Programme:

Noticeable fat loss within 20 days

More energy and vigor for life. You will have a spring in your step that will take you back to your youth!

Better skin tone as a result of the clean diet and toxin free lifestyle

A more toned and shapely body

Better sleeping patterns

After 6 months, a slimmer and more confident you will be looking back in the mirror

Envious glances from colleagues!

A small hole in your wallet as you start buying better fitting clothes!