Let's work out together!

Hi ! I am Arun, I opened Victoryplates with one aim in mind - ''Changing Lives one day at a time.''

From the day I started off with this profession, I made sure that from 5 am till 12 pm every single day, I learn, I update, I innovate and I upgrade my self professionally and personally to serve better, to bring a positive change in peoples health and lives. 

We all want to be as healthy as possible, but sometimes we need a little help finding the motivation and an effective fitness program. That's why I have crafted these personal training programs designed for fat loss and muscle toning.  


Victoryplates is a happy, neighborhood environment, and I see fitness as a path to a full life.  Who says anything if you don't show up for your workout . no one, right?  If you don't show up for your scheduled workout here, I will hunt you down.  Kidding.  Maybe :) 

You don't have to figure out what to do. I design the workout.  I instruct you on how to do the exercises.  You just show up and do the workout.  Then get on with your life.  Again, simple. We all have our lows and are not willing to show up to workout. That's where I make a difference, making sure you are encouraged to workout everyday.